Light, colours and the interaction between them are key elements in my art. Reflection of the light in colours and materials fascinates me.

The video works are small delimited spaces consisting of images in continuous dissolution and transformation and a soundtrack that comes close and at the same time is both unfathomable and understandable.

In my videos I film simple analogue elements or arrangements while they are in motion. I don’t do any post-processing of the frames. When I edit a video I focus on creating a space for the viewer. You must be enclosed in an atmosphere that creates resonance.

The sound plays a significant role. I use tones and sounds that are combined and stretched beyond recognition.

The soundtrack supports the abstract images. It activates the subconscious mind and expands the experience.

The titles of my video works are codes for the color, light, objects,
techniques and sounds that are part of the works.

As an engineer specialized in light, supplemented with education on the NCS Colour Academy in Stockholm, I know how to combine light and colour, so I get the expression I want.

My fascination with colours is probably linked to the fact that I am synesthetic and link colours and letters. In 2014 I mapped my own coloured alphabet and made a series of paper works based on my coloured characters.

The paper works consist of words written with colours instead of letters. The 7 x 4 colour fields in the left image above show the 28 colours that my synaesthetic brain links to the letters of the Danish alphabet. They are 'the key' to the four works, which consist of words crossing each other and wherein the letters are represented by colours. The crossing words appear from the titles. The works are made in soft pastel, paper and thread.